He makes it rain and as the water joins together, 
it cuts a path and provides both a beautiful and great force. 
The Promise of God shall reveal His Glory
and we shall praise Him in the Victory and be Refreshed.  
So shall it be in your business.

The Lands Group LLC

Business Process Outsource Solutions  

Website Design

Our goal as a business owner is to reach and communicate with our client base, including prospective clients to grow our business. It can be the best way to tell others what services or products you provide, the areas you service, your hours, and how to find you or contact you. It's an expression of who you are, and possibly, who you want to attract. Whether you're an epoxy flooring contractor or a business broker, we got you covered.

SEO Services

Having a website is a great move.  But if no one can find it, it's like a 5 carat diamond buried in a 40 acre field.  In order to have people find your site online, you need to optimize the site design, get backlinks and citations and keep it active for the search engines to find you.     

GMB Listing

One of the best ways for customers to find you is to create and optimize your Google My Business listing.  We can do that for you to get you in the Map Pack when customers search in your local area.  If you're not in those top 3 spots, your chances of getting clicked on are greatly reduced. 

Lead Generation

Every business, including our own, thrives on sales inquiries, or leads.  You simply cannot passively sit back and expect people to come to you and be successful.  How you generate leads will make or break you.   A good website design, GMB and SEO plan can greatly influence your ability to get leads.  But, we specialize in getting even more organic leads than your website will do on its own.  We can target a specific area or location or help you expand your market to the next city or the other side of the same city.   We may do so on a monthly fee basis as part of your team, or a pay-per-lead basis, a % commission of gross revenue generated, or a combination of a smaller monthly fee and lower commission.  We use multiple methods of generating leads.  Imagine Home Advisor or Angie's List that would provide Exclusive Leads just to you, help sell your services before the sales call, and cost a fraction of their shared leads with no contracts. 

Social Media Management

Some businesses are best suited for social media like Facebook.  Imagine you have a product that sells visually.  Putting job photos on social media can help attract more customers and drive them to your website.  Such advertising can provide SEO benefit to your website if done correctly.  It can also be very cost effective.  

Business Consulting

We have over 30 years of sales & marketing experience in B2B and B2C in several industries, both at the multi-national corporate level and at the local small business level.  We provide consulting for sales & marketing or any other facet of your business as we own other businesses too.  We can tell you how to be more profitable now, how to have more sanity, how to make your business more valuable and at the time you want to exit and retire, we can advise you on succession planning.  

Business Brokerage

Sooner or later, most every business either closes or sells.  The fact is, the owner doesn't work forever.  A business broker helps the business owner value their business, create confidential marketing materials, and negotiate with buyers to sell the business so it can continue to thrive.  Whether you want to sell your business now or in the next 2-3 years, we can help.  

Who We Are

The Lands Group LLC was formed in August 2015 as the business extension of Scott & Lori Lands.  Scott spent 23 years in corporate B2B technical sales working for a manufacturer's representative firm, representing many US and Asian manufacturing companies, to a direct employee regional sales manager, global account manager, and eventually VP of Sales & Marketing of a multi-billion dollar, multi-national Japanese manufacturer.  We later, as a husband and wife team, acquired a small local B2B and B2C manufacturing company with multiple sales channels making automotive shop equipment.  We sold that business in 2014 to spend more time with the family expansion we were blessed with.  Being a business broker to help others succeed from their business and retire allowed us to analyze many different industries and companies.  We now own another smaller B2C construction-related business.  That has led to the need for sales leads through website design, online advertising, and social media marketing which we now use to help other business owners grow their business as well.   Find us on the web. 

Some of our business investments or websites

Our primary business activity is our business brokerage.  We help business owners sell their businesses.  We do that through various websites, like Indianapolis Business Brokers, South Bend Business Brokers, Evansville Business Brokers, US Business Brokers, and Roofing Business Brokers
We are own and operate an epoxy flooring business typically throughout Central Indiana, but we've also installed floors in South Bend, Hartford City, Winchester, Huntingburg, and more.  Some of our websites include Fishers Garage Floors, Bloomington Garage Floors, Greenwood Garage Floors, Brownsburg Garage Floors, Terre Haute Garage Floors and Indiana Epoxy Floors. .
In 2023, we entered into the roofing business with Modern Roof.  We have satellite offices with Modern Roof of Sullivan and Modern Roof of Terre Haute.  More to come soon.